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Clinical Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people receive information and practice or try to improve their health, or control their pain by using signals from their own bodies. More and more often, doctors are prescribing biofeedback to their patients in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, so that their patients can learn about their symptoms and the tremendous benefits of biofeedback in its capacity to increase relief. Consultations, Seminars and Workshops

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Robert Fels, Psy.D., earned a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Florida Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. He has attended professional educational seminars sponsored by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance in Biofeedback and EEG Biofeedback. Dr. Fels is also a New York Mental Health Counselor..
Contact Dr. Fels for more information about benefiting from biofeedback intervention. Dr. Fels provides Individual, Family and Group Psychotherapy. He also provides biofeedback for stress related disorders, chronic pain management, and restoration of function for survivors of brain and spinal cord injuries such as stroke.
Robert A. Fels, Psy.D.
3325 Hollywood Blvd., Suite # 504
Hollywood, FL 33021
(888) 757-3575
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Dr. Fels has been the Director of two rehabilitation hospital biofeedback departments. He continues to consult with other hospitals and medical providers. Dr. Fels currently provides hospital based interventions, sees outpatients and provides home visits. He is a member of the Medical Advisory Board of The Florida Brain Tumor Association and is a co-facilitator for the Boca Raton FBTA support group.