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The initial phase of biofeedback therapy consists of an evaluation to determine the appropriateness of treatment. Patterns of pain or symptoms are analyzed through a comprehensive stress/pain assessment. An individualized treatment program is then developed based on the results. You will be instructed on symptoms charting and various home-based relaxation exercises. In some cases, cassette recordings of clinical relaxation techniques will be provided.

Dr. Robert Fels sets goals and limits on what to expect and instructs the patient on specialized techiques to maximize performance. He also also teaches the patient how to modify circumstances or situations that trigger their symptoms and how to avoid or cope with stressful events more effectiveley. Clients learn as much about themselves as possible, and the benefits of that knowledge carry over into their working and personal lives. Biofeedback therapy can run anywhere from 8 to 15 or more sessions. Therapy sessions are conducted either once or twice per week. Many health insurance carriers, as well as Workers Compensation have paid for biofreedback therapy.

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