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Dr. Robert Fels providing Mental Health support for the Red Cross after Hurricane Disasters during 2004. Dr. Robert Fels presents, "Creating a Stressless Single Life" at St. Ambrose Church.
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Providing Mental Health Support Services to Red Cross Volunteers and Hurricane Survivors at the West Palm Beach Service Center during October, 2004. Presentation at St. Ambrose Catholic Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Singles Group, March 9, 2004: Creating a Less Stressful Single Lifestyle.
Dr. Robert Fels provides a guest lecture at FAU Nursing Class "Caring for Self." Biofeedback therapist Dr. Robert Fels, with mobile biofeedback instruments during 2001. Dr. Robert Fels, biofeedback therapist, presenting a poster at the Society for Personality Assessement in Philadelphia, March 17, 2001.
Presenting a guest lecture at Florida Atlantic University, for a nursing class "Caring for Self." A demonstration and an experiential biofeedback session on March 4, 2004. This is a mobile biofeedback lab parked in a pediatric rehabilitation gym at Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, Florida.
Society for Personality Assessment Poster Session, March 17, 2001, Philadelphia, Enhanced Projective Assessment with Psychophysiology.
Dr. Robert Fels, biofeedback therapist, presenting biofeedback applications seminar to psychologists May 13, 1995.
My office in Boca Raton, 1989. I am sitting with instruments that monitor several channels of physiological activity. These include Electromyography, Skin Conductance Level, Skin Temperature, Electroencephalography, Heart Rate and Blood Pressure.
Dr. Robert Fels with his biofeedback instruments during 1989.
Continuting Education presentation on May 13, 1995. Applied Psychophysiology in the Psychologist's Milieu, at the Miami Institute of Psychology.